What did the box say?

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They had air whistles with a fairly high pitch (but not as loud as the "hooters" on steam freights). Otherwise, they were pretty silent.

Jim Nichols

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Most of us are familiar with the
sounds of contemporary diesels and for those who are not, they are readily
available to be experienced firsthand. 
Just grab a recording device and a good book, find an accessible stretch
of mainline and wait a while (WARNING: this activity is known to be
addictive).  When it comes to early
diesels and “modern” steam, there are many video and sound recordings available
and for some extra expense/effort you can still have a first-hand audio experience
at tourist railroads and various other locations.  Hopefully next year the 611 will be speaking
to us again.
As we work our way further back in
time, our options become more limited. 
We have photographs of long-departed N&W locomotives back to the
1800s, but what are the earliest sounds that have been preserved?  Link and others made sound recordings in the
50s, but did anyone capture the sounds of LCs before they disappeared?  What kind of clinks and clunks did those jack
shaft mechanisms produce?  I believe the
units had bells that were probably like their steam counterparts but what noise
did they make when they approached crossings? 
Did they have whistles or horns?  
Does anybody know of any captured audio. 
Does anyone’s personal memory extend back 70 years to tell us what they
can recall?
Jim Cochran
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