Powhatan Arrow and Pocahontas Pullman cars

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Dinwiddie County is not an S1, although it definitely was a Pullman that ran behind the 611 on the Pocahontas. Sussex County is an S2, and I am glad to learn of its whereabouts. The 20 S1's were built by Budd as 10-6 sleepers, but were converted by Pennsy into coaches c. 1964. The later were in commuter service out of Baltimore, and a number of them still exist, mostly on the S.A.M. Shortline in GA.

Jim Nichols

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The Old Dominion Chapter of the NRHS has S1 Dinwiddie County and S2 Sussex
County.   Alan Cox

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Do any of the Pullmans that were pulled behind the 611 still exist? Are

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