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Harry and Carl,

This story brings back a vivid memory when I was once assigned to work outage duty at Bellevue and Supt. Billy Joe Hoopes assigned me a train from Bellevue to Fort Wayne. Someone had wiped out track north of Fort Wayne when they had an axle wrung off. Mr. Hoopes asked me if I get some new rail to the location "as fast as I could". I had one GP 35 and two cars of rail. I made it over the 60 some miles in less than an hour........However, I spent the next two days moving a crane, with one move about every hour, laying the new rail....
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Great story, Harry. Thanks!

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> Carl:

> Most (but not all) engine assignments were made

> at a service facility. Basically, what came in for

> service was dispatched as is, but engines bad ordered or

> due maintenenace would be cut out and replaced

> by other units. The outbound engine crews didn't

> get to choose.


> But there was more to it than just comfort. In the

> mid-70s, there was a comparison made between

> a computerized train simulation and an actual run.

> The experiment was made on the Fostoria District--

> that part of the Lake Erie Division between Bellevue

> and Fort Wayne. There very few grades, a sixty-mile

> tangent with two correcting curves so slight they were

> visually hard to detect, and a maximum authorized

> speed of 60 MPH.


> One of the first trains tested was TC-3, a run-through to

> the Union Pacific. In rank of symbol superiority, TC-3 came

> right behind the all-TOFC trains, AP-1 and AP-2.


> On test day, the service track assigned three ex-Wabash

> 3400s -- GP7s and GP9s. So while the Terminal Supt.

> would go to "8" on the Richter scale if TC-3 was delayed,

> the symbol left Bellevue on time with jam-up tonnage.

> Crossing the Fostoria District, the train balanced at

> 22 MPH -- meaning in Run 8, on the flat-as-a-pancake

> profile, 22 MPH was all it could "git". Harry Bundy








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