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Doubtfully so. Engineers were and still are willing to turn power as necessary for their comfort. And SD40-2's didnt get AC units until the past 5-8 years so that wouldn't have been an option when they might have been running with Alcos. Once new power started arriving with the SD40-2's and C30-7's, and later units, they appeared in matched sets or in near matched sets, such as a SD40-2 and a C30-7, or a SD60 and a C36-7 pr C39-8.


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Was any thought given to the order of locomotives in a MU consist or did
they just grab what was available and hook them together? Was "creature
comfort" one of the considerations? I have this vision of some poor crew on
an August afternoon operating a train from the cab of a stinky old Alco long
hood forward with a nice new air conditioned SD40-2 behind it.

Carl Woods

Richmond, VA

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