More CPL's Coming Down

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The CPLs at Shenandoah Junction are still standing. One of the
signals at Daniels (south end) was replaced after a derailment years ago,
while the other one remains. The roadbed was finished last fall and track
laying has not yet started. The CPLs should stand for a yet a month or so,
at least.
See attached photo.
Mason Cooper


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Roanoke Jct. is not the only location along the N&W that has endangered
CPL's. The ones located at Shenandoah Jct. just south of the over bridge
crossing of the ex-B&O at Shenandoah Jct. appear to be next on the list.
MOW crews were dropping off new switches south of the current end of the
passing siding at the Junction on Thursday. Looks as if grading for the new
track is complete, and crews should begin installation shortly. I am
planning to go up there the week of April 28 to shoot the CPL's. Hopefully
before they are gone. Is there anyone on this list who has a comprehensive
listing of the remaining CPL's along the N&W? Are the CPL's located near
the Virginia Brick plant in Salem still up, or have they come down?

Jeff Morfit
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