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I'm so glad your Grandson Hunter is fine!
Norris Deyerle

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Subject: "Takin Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon
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Last night I had the honor of "Takin' Twenty" with six of the
Brethren and Friends of the Virginian Railway. This meeting was special
because it was 10 years ago (April 1, 2004) when I wrote the first
"Takin' Twenty" Report. I have posted on this sight under "Skip's
Photos" a photo of three of the Brethren holding our "10 year sign".
They are Wis Sowder, former VGN Clerk; Landon Gregory, former VGN
Operator and Raymond East, former VGN Engineer. Visiting with us was
our waitress for most of the 10 years, Princess, who brought her brand
new (5 weeks old) son, Houston. The Brethren made Houston an honorary
VGN Brother and promised to help get him a job on the railroad when he
grows up. (They will be about 100 if this comes true!).

Show and Tell I took the January-March 2014 Roanoke Chapter NRHS
newsletter "Turntable Times". This issue has on the back inside cover a
photo of a brand new Virginian H-14 hopper # 5675, posing outside the
car shop at Princeton December 17, 1956. This Virginian paint job
lasted until May 18, 1982 when it was renumbered # 15675 and painted in
N&W scheme at Lamberts Point. This, and other "Turntable Times" are
available for viewing on line at the Roanoke Chapter web sight. Also
passed around was the 2013 Norfolk Southern Annual Report "What we move
moves the economy". Landon Gregory was quick to point out to the
Brethren on the inside cover, the operating ration (what it costs to
generate one dollar) for NS for 2013 was 71.0%, down from the 2012 71.7%
or 71 cents to generate a dollar. He was also quick to tell us that
the 1958 Virginian Railway annual report (last one for a full year)
showed it took the VGN 51 cents to make a dollar!

We talked about the N&W (and VGN) Historical Society Convention coming to Roanoke in June. On Saturday June 28,
I asked if the Brethren could be at the Station to help with a tour for
the Convention and all said they would help if they were healthy

Jeff Sanders brought the Brethren a nice flyer
about the upcoming overhaul and re-steam program for the N&W J
#611. She will dead-head to Spencer in May and return to Roanoke, under
steam for hopefully steam excursions in 2015. One even suggested
having the 611 pull the first Amtrak train out of Roanoke to
Lynchburg..........(sound of a new can of worms being opened).

NOTE: Thank the Lord for a phone call I got from my grandson Hunter
when I got home last night, telling us he was OK. He is in the US Army
and was transferred from Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, last week to Fort
Hood Texas. The shooting yesterday was near his barracks and he
actually heard the shots.

No one could recall any April fool jokes being pulled on them on Tuesday,
but this reminded me of this week's Jewel from the Past: "Bob Rowland
(VGN Clerk) told the best story of the night. Seems when he was about
14 in 1942, his grandmother, who lived on the outskirts of Princeton up a
long winding road, had an old Chevrolet. Bob learned to drive it and
could even back it up the muddy roads from the grocery store. She told
Bob he needed to get a driver's permit, even though he was not yet the
required age of 16. She was the type of person who never told a lie, so
when she took him to the Justice of the Peace to get the permit, wrote
on the bottom of his shoes "OVER SIXTEEN". When she was asked by the JP
'Is that boy over 16?', she could answer, 'yes he is!'"

there's this: A very attractive lady was standing in line at the Post
Office when a gentleman about her age, tapped her on the shoulder. When
she turned around, he said "Oh, I'm sorry, you remind me of someone I
went to school with. You look like Helen Brown". The lady, being sort
of flattered, answered, "You should see me in my red dress!"

Time to pull the pin on this one!

Departing Now from V248,

Skip Salmon



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