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Oh Boy are you going to catch it Gary. The old mainline Columbus to Bellevue
was not NKP, but PRR. Otherwise an excellent report.
Mason Cooper

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The Peavine is the nickname for the old N&W Cincinnati District- Portsmouth
to Cincinnati. The Kenova District- Portsmouth to Williamson- was the
TADPOLE. Columbus to Portsmouth is the VALLEY, nicknamed from the Scioto
Valley Railway which originated the line or the fact that the line basically
follows the Scioto River Valley. These three made the N&W's Scioto

As of March 31, 2014, the Peavine has one train, T51, that switches Clare
Yard and the QT tank car unloading facility there, takes cars out to the old
Ford Batavia plant at AFTON to deliver box cars of paper to the new
Huhtamaki facility in the plant that makes CHINETTE paper plates, and sets
off or picks up covered hoppers from the granary at Winchester. In addition
T51 goes out to Peebles to deliver and pick up bulkhead flats that carry new
cut railroad ties that are NS property. In the recent past T51 has come
down from Sharon Yard in Sharonville to switch Clare on Monday, come down on
Wednesday or Thursday to switch Clare and go out to Afton then Peebles and
come home on Friday. However, the railroad runs as necessary so no schedule
is fixed these days.

The Peavine is dark territory and is run at 25mph. Clare to Peebles is MP
C9 to C73, so it is a long day. The line is cut at about C74 , the east end
of Peebles sididng. The line eastward to VERA Junction and Portsmouth is
not used.

2007 Marion Ohio Convention. This line connects to the ex NKP east-west
mainline at Bellevue or the ex-NYC mainline (Water Level Route) at Sandusky,
Ohio. These routes are very busy with traffic to Chicago.
Gary Rolih, Cincinnati

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