Ralston Stl Car Co pictures of N&W freight cars

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Al -

These are not hybrid cast sideframes. They’re Andrews cast sideframes. They were originally intended to replace archbar sideframes using the old journal boxes. Lots of railroads used lots of them. N&W had them under hundreds of 50-ton cars of all types and they were the primary truck used under the 70-ton quad HU hoppers built by the thousands in the 1920s. These cars were rebodied as triple hoppers and reclassed H-3. The other truck used under some of those cars was a Bettendorf-style sideframe with integral journal boxes and what was referred to as a Dahlman spring grouping. The trucks used under the HU/H-3 hoppers had “Andrews Floyd” cast into the sideframes above the spring nest.

These were the primary trucks used with leaf springs under most of the USRA tenders, and with leaf springs were used under hundreds of N&W cabooses.

In the revised book on the Class A locomotive, the Appendix discussing tenders explains the leaf spring/coil spring differences.


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I noticed interesting truck sideframes on many of the cars - they are hybrid cast mainframes with bolt-on journal boxes and tie-bars. The C&O used these also, but on 70-ton truck sideframes.

How did the N&W spec these out on their diagram sheets?

Al Kresse

You can find a series of N&W car photos at the following link:


Sorry about all the embedded formatting; once on this page, you can click on the photos for a larger view. ?One 40 ton stock car, one 50 ton box, a HMa hopper and two HUa hoppers.
Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio
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