Caretta Branch - Abandoned Signal

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Joe -

Thanks for the detailed information. It is greatly appreciated.

Jeff Hawkins

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> Jeff,

> It is definately not a home signal for the junction with a milepost

> marker on it.


> As for the aspects, my guess (experts please correct me if I'm wrong)

> is that if a train leaving the branch is lined at the juction, the

> signals will show Clear (since the signal at the junction will show

> either clear or approach. Timetable speed for the branch should keep

> the train from moving too fast if the junction signal is approach, so

> no need to display an advance approach signal even with the short block

> distance between the junction and the approach signal.


> If the train leaving the branch does not have a signal at the junction,

> the signal will show horizonal red. Since the signal has a milepost

> marker on it, it is a permissive signal, so the actual signal indication

> is either "Restricting" or "Stop and proceed", allowing the train to

> approach the junction at restricted speed. Thus, no need for an approach

> indication.



> Joe Shaw

> Christiansburg, VA


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