Caretta Branch - Abandoned Signal

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Mon Mar 3 14:04:29 EST 2014

It is definately not a home signal for the junction with a milepost
marker on it.

As for the aspects, my guess (experts please correct me if I'm wrong)
is that if a train leaving the branch is lined at the juction, the
signals will show Clear (since the signal at the junction will show
either clear or approach. Timetable speed for the branch should keep
the train from moving too fast if the junction signal is approach, so
no need to display an advance approach signal even with the short block
distance between the junction and the approach signal.

If the train leaving the branch does not have a signal at the junction,
the signal will show horizonal red. Since the signal has a milepost
marker on it, it is a permissive signal, so the actual signal indication
is either "Restricting" or "Stop and proceed", allowing the train to
approach the junction at restricted speed. Thus, no need for an approach

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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