Class J's at Hagerstown

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J-class could and lead go but only with approval of Roadforman. There is
evidence that a J made at least one round trip Roanoke-Sshenandoah. I
can't remember the details though.

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> I think I read on this list that a J was run as a test on the

> Shenandoah Valley line once or twice but was not used otherwise. That

> said, their near look-alike twins, the streamlined "K's" could and

> regularly did as did a few non-streamlined K class. The biggest

> pre-requisite was having the proper cab controls for the Valley line

> was equipped with those types of controls and only those engines could

> go, or at least, only in the lead. And the J's did not have the

> appropriate controls.


> I think Mason's SV book covers those details.


> Bob Cohen




> Mr. Claude Dixon, retired Conrail Road Foreman of Engines at

> Washington, DC, in a private email proposed the following interesting

> answer to my question:


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> I can only suggest that the K Class 4-8-2s were usually used on the

> Roanoke-Hagerstown trains but at times a Class J has been used on

> these trains. Problem is, What do you do if there's a wreck on the N&W

> line between Shenandoah Jct. and Hagerstown? You divert to the B&O at

> Shenandoah Jct. in an eastward direction, and then either shove west

> or have an engine waiting to pull the N&W passenger train westbound to

> Martinsburg, WV, where it could then pull eastbound onto the PRR/Cumbo

> connection and continue on to Hagerstown, MD under Special Instruction

> 1160-B1 if the train's equipment is applicable. It must have happened.

> The key might be to check B&O employee TTs of the period to see if

> anything remotely similar was in effect for the B&O. This might have

> happened or had the possibility of happening, hence a proactive stance.

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> -- abram burnett



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