N&W J Class Engines to Martinsburg, W.Va. ???

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Fri Jan 3 22:11:37 EST 2014

PRR Philadelphia Division Time Table #7, effective September 26, 1954, page 85, Special Instruction 1160-B1, carries the following unusual instruction:

Winchester Secondary Track

Trains consisting of Norfolk and Western Railroad [sic] Class J locomotive and PM passenger car equipment must not exceed a speed of 15 miles per hour over Bridge 82.13 south of Williamsport [Md] and 20 miles per hour over Bridge 92.56 north of Martinsburg [W.Va.]

The obvious question is... What were N&W J's doing on the PRR's Cumberland Valley Branch between Hagerstown, Md. and Martinsburg, W.Va. ?

By way of explanation, the "Winchester Secondary Track" was the Cumberland Valley RR between Hagerstown and Winchester, Va. The words "Secondary Track" in PRR-speak indicates it was operated under Manual Block Rules. And Martinsburg was the location of Cumbo Yard, where eastbound coal off the B&O was interchanged to the PRR for movement via Hagerstown and Harrisburg for points east.

Any takers on this one...?

-- abram burnett

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