Arthur Tunnel and Old Line

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My guess is that it would be the server who provides you your email service. I've only had 1 copy.


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Has anyone else received multiple copies of Mr. Evans' email? I've gotten it 32 times so far.
Rob Doorack

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Here's Virginia Tennessee map 1856

Larry Evans

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Al wrote:

Can you send that topo directly? I get a 403 error.

I dropped the maps I downloaded on my N&W site; see
for the PDF files from 1890, 1932, and 1937, along with the image I cut from
the 1890 map that shows the three tunnels on the line.

It would appear that the original V&T line went around
the spur of the ridge at Arthur, then the tunnel was bored through the ridge,
then the tunnel daylighted when the line was expanded from two tracks to three
starting there and continuing west.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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