Arthur VA near Elliston

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I'm glad that you made your post refering to the N&W Annual Reports because I have always been confused by the numbering of tunnels mentioned in these annual reports. For instance if the tunnel west of Shawsville were Tunnel No. 4 as you quote from the annual reports, it seems as though the tunnel east of Shawsville would be Tunnel No. 3 and the Lynchburg tunnel would certainly be Tunnel No. 1, but where was Tunnel No. 2? I have traced the old topo maps from Lynchburg to Shawsville without finding any tunnels other than the above.

Also, assuming that Tunnel No. 5 was "Big Tunnel," or present-day Montgomery Tunnel, I have had trouble coming up with the six tunnels between Tunnel No. 5 and Tunnel No. 12 at Wills that you quote from the annual reports.

Anybody have the solution(s) to the tunnel numbering conundrum?

Gordon Hamilton

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There is an alternate alignment on the Christiansburg grade at Arthur.
I have walked this grade, and it is a very old grade. My question
is, is this the remains of an old shoofly track, or is it the original
Following is an excerpt from the 5th Annual Report for fiscal year
ending 6/30/1901:

"Tunnel No. 4, west of Shawsville, which was 150 feet long, and
Tunnel No. 12, hear Willis, which was 90 feet long, have been
converted into double-track open cuts."
Harry Bundy



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