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Hi Ken

Yes, the tracks are all still in place, some sidings are gone, and have been for some time. The connection and sidings at the east end of the branch that once connected to the Punkin Vine heading south are gone. The track is out of service, there are places with trees 4-5 inches around growing up between the rails. The west end still sees a very tiny amount used to serve the asphalt plant. ''

What was formerly a diamond on the VGN main, has been changed so that a train coming off the N&W side at the material yard, instead of crossing the VGN at a diamond, now goes onto the VGN, then makes a back up move to the west and goes through another switch to enter the Belt Line.

Ken Miller

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> Ken Miller,

> Are the tracks for what’s left of the Roanoke Belt line still in place ?When I was a kid growing up there that belt line ran through the edge of Wasena Park .Just wonderin’ Ken Tanner

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