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When Jimmy mentioned Waynesboro's belt line, it reminded me of one really
obscure belt line that I'd almost wager very few have even heard of, but it
existed at least into the 1930's/ Where you ask? Staunton and was a little
known 2nd connection between the C&O and B&O there. The former B&O end
still exists as a stub going towards a quarry but today only goes as far as
Bob Nutt's Valley Feed. The vestigal remnants are often used as part of the
interchange "within yard limits" between the Buckingham Branch and
Shenandoah Valley RR short line. Trust me on this one; I've got the maps
for it! It originated by or before 1904 and was still intact at least into
1932. How long after that is anyone's guess but it wasn't intact when the
B&O pulled out at the end of 1942. They served several several industries
and it had 2 or 3 zig-zag switchbacks between the the C&O and B&O. Grade
wasn't the issue, it was the industrial growth.

Bob Cohen
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