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Attached three page PDF file is an abstract from an incredibly large 1500+
page September 1879 Official Guide. The entire document is available on
Google Books, if you have time to download 445 megs !

This edition of the Guide shows the AM&O (Atlantic Mississippi & Ohio RR)
as a self-standing railroad between Norfolk and Lynchburg. But between
Lynchburg and Bristol, the AM&O is lumped in with the "Great Southern Mail"
route (Washington to Memphis.) This edition of the Official Guide contains
no listings for the City Point RR, the Southside RR, or other small

15 hours and 30 minutes Norfolk to Bristol in 1879. That sure beat a horse
and buggy or a stage coach! No mention of checked baggage service,
reclining seats, clergy rates, dining cars, train porters and pillows,
"connecting motor coach service"... or air conditioning!

-- abram burnett

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