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Sun Dec 8 13:55:54 EST 2013

Back in the late 1940's and early 50's when I worked at Pot Yd, in
Alexandria, VA. The PRR 4700 Box Cabs and 4800 GG1's were called Motors.
However during that same time in South West Montana Elec's were called
Jacks and what we call Diesels to day were called
Diesel Jacks, a Diesel in those days was a direct drive 50 ft branch
line Passenger Coach with a 15 ft.RPO in front. That ran on # 2 oil.
I don't remember ever seeing one but was told that both the Mil and NP
on the low lines (S.W. MT) and the GN on the high line (Northern MT )
ran local branch line Passengers Coach's with RPO that was powered by
Gasoline before WW 1. What its nickname,s were I don't remember being told.
My problem being all that I could ask have taken the west bound.
H.B. Lyon and yes I am
showing my age.

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