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Sat Dec 7 19:04:33 EST 2013

I think the 2156 restoration issue has "other" problems and they aren't
mechanical in nature.

1. Steam engines being restored (NW Mailing List)

As I read about the various steam engines being restored, or planning to
be, one thing I noticed is that all the possible candidates had one thing
in common. NONE had a Worthington BL style feed water heater. Are they
really that difficult to restore? I know that towards the end of steam on
the N&W, the Y3's being used in yard service had them removed due to parts
and maintenance issues. Is that one of the main reasons that 2156 isn't
being considered? T&P has 610 with an Elesco, Most have Worthington SA
style FWH, but I haven't seen ONE BL style on a restored loco.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930's
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