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God love you Bob! If only I could get to the UK for the great weather in
December [image: Emoji] and a pint or two at the King's Arms (typical
name?). A number of years back in Scotland (you know, that wild and wooly
place north of Hadrian's Wall, I took a journey on the Aviemore and
Speyside (?) Railway and stayed at a B&B in Aviemore. Just like a vision
out of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I'll find the photos somewhere and post

And of course the Railway Museum in York is one of the world's greatest.
We took the Flying Scotsman to Edinburgh (first class, natch) and drove
through Scotland and then the Royal Scot from Glasgow to London.

One of the best trips ever - Harry Potter and Platform 9 1/2 excluded.

PS - correct my memory if I've forgotten - it was 20+ years ago!

*Ed Svitil*
*Norfolk & Western Railway*

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Subject: Bob's presentation 'O Winston Link and the N&W Railway'
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Hi all

Just thought I would sneak in a plug for my next presentation while the
listings have died down a bit. It will be at the *Grimsby & Cleethorpes
Railway Group* on *Tuesday 17 December*. They are a new group that started
last October so I haven't visited them before. They meet in the old station
buildings at Cleethorpes – it is now a pub called 'No.1' as they are on
platform 1. Start time of 7.30pm. All welcome.

If you are stateside it is quite easy to get to. Catch a flight to
Manchester [MAN] and then take the train (TransPennineExpress) direct to
Cleethorpes. You can step directly from the train into the pub. See you

Bob Gellatly

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