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Perhaps that Keystone Gasoline sign faded as is is and was is what I thought was a mail Pouch Tobacco sign.
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Sorry but there has been no Mail Pouch signs on the Wyoming Hotel at least since the 1950s.  I posted several pictures of the old hotel in early November that I have taken. None show a Mail Pouch sign   The two signs that are painted on the building are for the hotel itself including Rates from $1.50 and one for Keystone Gasoline.  Both signs were still visible yesterday and are visible in photos from the 1950s.

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I remember Mail Pouch chewing tobacco signage and perhaps ads from my first summer in Wythe County and Wytheville (40 years ago this last summer should you ask, long after steam in the valley and after the ending of passenger service - though as in Durham City England, the sound of the freight trains lulled me to sleep up on the farm south of town - the tracks were just down the mountain and I may have some pix from then to scan) though whether anyone I knew chewed it I don't recall.

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11-20-13 Takin Twenty
Several years ago, I was"chastised" for remembering a "Chew Mail PouchTobacco" sign I saw on the Wyoming Hotel in Mullens once when Istayed there back in the early seventies. I also remember beingasked if I wanted air conditioning and was given a small electricfan. Just recently a photo was posted on this site confirming myrecallection of that sign.
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