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"Man in a Hurry" was "Buddy" Phelps. Last talked to him by
radio in Nov., 1970. The mystique of steam drove "Buddy" to
"sharpshoot". This is a practice frowned on by labor and
management. It involves knowing how you stand on the CALL
BOARD, marking off until you stand for the job you want,
then marking back up just in time to get called.

As the transition to diesels began on the Norfolk Division,
"Buddy" kept an eye on where he stoodfon the board and when
steam runs would be called. Don't think he ever got in trouble.
Maybe the Norfolk Division engine crewsddidn't care to get
called for one of those nasty steam jobs.

Sometime around 1958, didn't N&W run a steam special for
Appalachian Power ?

Sorry I didn't make the last runs of Eng 611. Uncle Sam
wouldn't give me a day off. Harry Bundy

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