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Is there anyone out there who can share with me the first “last run”, Roanoke to Williamson and back, in October 1959? I was on the engine from Bluefield into Roanoke (other occupants of the cab were Engineer Noah Blevins, who fired, and Assistant Road Foreman Paul Cabiness, who ran, TRAINS photographer Bill Akin and none other than OWL himself), and couldn’t bear to see it go to Shaffer’s Crossing to have the fire dropped for the last time.

But I’m glad that you youngsters have similar feelings . . .


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I highly suggest the January 1983 issue of Trains magazine featuring the rebirth of 611.

There is a piece later in the magazine called "Twenty Minutes To Roanoke" by WJ Walker.

Much like Bob's words, it will keep you glued to your seat saying "Yes!"

Jeff Lisowski

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"

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