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Strictly speaking, this is not a water tank sign; it’s a water LIMIT sign. There was also a coal limit sign to use in appropriate places. It relieved trains stopped to take water (or coal) of the responsibility to protect their trains according to the dictates of Rule 99, the flagging rule; it warned following trains that there may be a train standing in water (or coal) limits unprotected. It allowed rear end crews to inspect their trains while water or coal were being taken.


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Today at the train show in Gaithersburg, Maryland I purchased an N&W water tank sign. What intrigued me is how it is supposed to be mounted to a post. A water tank sign is also prominently featured In O. Winston Link's photo "High Ball for the Double Header". In Link's photo the sign and post appear to be integral. The one I purchased cleary mounts to a post via four bolts. Stamped on the back of mine is "29994". Attached are photos to help illustrate the scenario.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback and information about the water tank signs, especially something that might help explain the two variations.

Jeff Hawkins


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