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> 3. Meanwhile back on the Peavine. . . (NW Mailing List)

Not sure your descriptions lined up with the photos as I clicked
them. There is one shot
showing the signals and a siding, which is EAST of Sardinia, and the
main passing siding there.
At the other end of that siding is where they had the fateful wreck in
April 1958.

There is a shot you have west of Sardinia with a signal facing each
way, and you can see around the
curve a little road crossing. That is called Sardinia Holdout.

I had no idea some of these signals had been taken down, or that they
had started to put the new signals in place.
Last time I chased a train on this line was 2003!!! I hear they have
stopped running past East Batavia, but are serving
that new company that took over the Ford Plant property. With no
crossing at Clough Road(Pike) anymore, I never hear
a horn much to know when something is running. When the leaves are
down I can see across the valley on part of Batavia
Hill. A couple of months ago I heard a horn for Summit Road Crossing,
and I assume it was Eastbound but they don't make much
noise either direction with the restricted speeds these days. In our
area(Batavia), all the signals are still covered with those Canvas

Regarding the Powhatan Place Sign In Mt. Orab, I may have had a hand
in that a few years back. I used to work out with a guy who
was a trustee for Mt. Orab, and he knew I was into trains. He asked
me what would be a good historic name for the industrial road there,
and I mentioned the Powhatan Arrow name. That location is where
Ortner Car Company used to be, which was later Trinity Car. They
made a lot of hopper cars and once in awhile the local L-51 would drag
them all to Sardinia and leave them for when they went back west.
I shot that a couple of times on video, and its in one of our Peavine
videos.....back in the good old days!!!

Ed was right about Irvington HIll, the steepest westbound climb on the
line from Lawshe to Seaman.

Greg Scholl

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