Looking for photos of a caol mine in Rawl,WV

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Hi Ted,
Thanks for the reply! I had actually already found this web site a while
ago! It has been a plethora of information! So far however my search for any
info on the "Crystal Block Co. mine has been a total ZERO!
I reached out to this and several other groups to see if by chance anyone
knew anything of this mine! I kinda know what's going to happen! LOL I will
scratchbuild a mine based on the look and feel of mines around that time
frame and area. As soon as I finish getting it installed I will find or
someone will show up to look at my layout and I will hear "That's not right!!!"
At least I am trying to get the right info and not just winging it!.
Again Thanks!
Ray Russell Sr.

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Try the web site coalcampusa.com (appalachiancoalcamps). Then select the
Williamson site under southern west Virginia coal camps. There is a
picture of a coal mine at Raw lunder the misc category. Ted C.

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Does anyone know of a photo of the CRYSTAL BLOCK CO. Operation #1 in
Rawl,WV It is located on the Pokies track map near Williamson. If anyone has any
information on this please let me know!
Ray Russell Sr.

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