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Russ -

Where were the ready-mix concrete plant and the building supply house located in St. Paul ? I don't recall seeing them on my visits to that town.


Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, Florida

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I would second Paul's recommendation of the Clinch Valley, at least between St. Paul and Norton, as I am going to model that section, plus on westward to Appalachia & Andover on the former Interstate. In addition to coal, the L&N had run-through trains, including at least two daily freights that came through Hagan's Switchback and were interchanged to the Clinchfield via St. Paul. The N&W and the Interstate ran parallel to each other and crossed each other twice between Norton and Tacoma, as well as both served the large Paramount Coal complex at Ramsey, VA. Between Tacoma and Coeburn, the Interstate turned south along the Guest River and went on to the Clinchfield's Miller Yard. So you would be able to run Southern coal and freights in the background as well.

As far as industries on that end of the line you have at least the following list on the N&W:

Carbo - AEP Power Plant - coal in, loaded 2 bay 100T cement hoppers out (for removal of fly ash)
St. Paul - there is a ready-mix concrete plant (crushed stone, sand and cement)
St. Paul - building construction supply house (brick / CMU in boxcars, lumber on flats & center beams)
Russell - Flood Loader
Coeburn / Big Toms Crk Br - two loading locations, ammonium nitrate plant
There are ~6 main line load outs on the N&W and another 4 mainline load outs on the Interstate between Coeburn and Norton.
Norton - There used to be a ready mix concrete plant (IIRC), a Texaco Oil distribution center and two freight houses. There also used to be a team track for the Caterpillar dealer and the Pepsi Cola facility used to get serviced as well, though Pepsi was on the Interstate.

Ed Wolfe has written three wonderful books about the Interstate and Ron Flannery has written a couple of books on the L&N's operations in the region, focusing on the L&N Cumberland Sub, those books in addition to Dan Borques Appalachian Railroads website that Paul mentioned should be excellent resources for you. You may also want to look up Ron Flannery on RR Pictures.net as he has a bunch of period photos on that website. You can sort by photographer to help filter your search down.

While I am modeling the area myself, I do not have a track plan to share as my wife and I are working toward building a new basement in the next two years.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Russ Goodwin
Buford, GA

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Subject: RE: Looking for advice on an interesting segment to model
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I am modeling the Clinch Valley District in N-scale, and I think you will find it a great section of the N&W to model. Depending on your space restrictions, I suggest you consider modeling Norton to St. Paul/Boody or Norton to Richlands. Norton was the interchange with the L&N and the Interstate/Southern which will give you a variety of railroads and rolling stock to model. During the time period you are interested in the L&N had trackage rights over the CV from Norton to St. Paul so that the L&N could interchange coal trains with the Clinchfield at Castle (just south of St. Paul on the Clinchfield). At Boody (just east of St. Paul) the N&W interchanged with the Clinchfield. Between St. Paul and Coeburn are a series of tunnels and trestles that would be great to model. East from St. Paul there was a small yard and the AEP power plant at Carbo, and Richlands had a small yard and some industries to switch. Of course there were numerous coal tipples and loaders along the CV.

To get started I suggest you take a look at the three part series on the CV that Bucky Wilson and I published in The Arrow in 2004 (volumes 20-2; 20-3; and 20-4), and I published an article about Richlands in the January-March, 2011 edition of The Arrow (volume2 7-1). (Sorry for the personal plug. )

Official Guides and N&W employee timetables show the through freight schedules on the CV for any time period you are interested in.

There are some HO track plans based on the CV at the Appalachian Railroad Modeling website: www.appalachianrailroadmodeling.com<http://www.appalachianrailroadmodeling.com>.

Hope that this helps.

Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, Florida

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Subject: Looking for advice on an interesting segment to model

I know this title looks "model" based, but what I'm after is opinions on an interesting piece of the railroad from the folks that have been there and understand the operations.

I was planning to model the Radford Division from Narrows to Bluefield in N-scale, but the more I look at N-scale models the less convinced I am that they are big enough for me to work with. Since the eyes will only be getting worse from here, I'm going back to HO scale.

A major yard and double track main won't fit my space in HO so I need to pick a new location - not to mention the New River which would eat up a huge chunk of the real estate on even a N-scale layout. I'm looking for something in the VA/WV mountains, single track, nice mountain scenery, a minor yard and a decent traffic rate. I'm interested in the early 70's just before the N&W switched to buying low hood diesels. Right now I'm leaning toward the Clinch Valley District. My thinking is that the connections at the southern end (or is it western?) will give me an excuse to mix in a little variety rather than running 100% coal.

Any info on what traffic patterns looked like on the Clinch Valley in the 70's would be very helpful. I'm also open to advice on a branch that might be more interesting to model.


Carl Woods

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