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- At Boody (just east of St. Paul) the N&W interchanged with the Clinchfield. Between St. Paul and Coeburn are a series of tunnels and trestles that would be great to model.

One item to remember about Big Bull, and the other tunnels between St. Paul and Coeburn--
they wouldn't clear a "Plate C" car. The N&W 171000-series covered hoppers are an
example. In steam days, according to one N&W Superintendent, you didn't touch the metal
parts while passing through the tight Big Bull tunnel, or you'd get blistered.

L&N trains crossing the CV originated at Loyall, KY and on arrival at St. Paul, if they didn't
have at least two hours before expiring on the HOSL, they were not permitted to cross to
St. Paul. Never saw it, but on the L&N portion, the line from Loyall dead-ended and the
train reversed course, went through a switch-back to reach the Middlesboro - Norton line.

In the 80s, CSX made complaints about NW's handling of their trains on the segment. Through
reviewing CV District train sheets at Bluefield, I found only one mishandling incident in a three-
month period and that was questionable. Their train had outlawed at Virginia City and had
to be re-crewed. Harry Bundy

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