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The "A" on the first signal gives this away as an approach signal (not the
aspect but "approaching" a controlled signal). It appears it can show all
three indications, but, the reality is that it may just be fixed at
"approach" or a train may get a "clear", which indicates the status of the
next signal and not the block ahead.

I believe that the number system on the Peavine was miles out of Portsmouth
to Cincinnnati, so , Portsmouth (actually Vera) would be "0" and
Clare/Cincinnati would be the distance from Vera.

The item between the tracks buried and covered with a plate is part of the
signalling system and is a resistance coil. I know I'm messing up the
technical name for it...choke coil perhaps...I know it has to do with the
resistance factor needed to shut the track circuits. The plate protects the
coil from damage.

The signals up on pilings is to prevent flooding of relays and such...I
believe sections of the Peavine were rather flood prone.

Eric at CG Tower

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> Made it to Cincinnati yesterday and have a couple signal questions (see

> attached pix). What's up with this "foreign" signal just past C1? Guess

> since the line is now "dark" you need an approach distant to indicate

> you're coming back into signaled territory. How frequently is this track

> used? Can somebody identify the device shown in picture 2? Why is the

> does the first signal out of Clare show "C98"? Why is this signal and the

> next up on pilings? What's the purpose of the plate fastened to the ties

> in picture 4?

> Thanks in advance,

> Jim Cochran


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