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....falls on the floor....
Illinois Central electric suburban passenger extended the line south
some years ago I rode it brand new on the old Pullman cars when they
were running, before you got to the new line the track ride was your
usual lumpity bump rickin rockin ride. The second you hit the new line
it was rock solid smooth. A coffee would not even ripple it was that
smooth. I was impressed.

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> These turnouts had been installed following the VGNmerger where

> single track

> wasturned into double track sections. It was possible toget a "clear"

> if proceeding

> tothe track on the right, or a "diverging clear" if proceedingto the

> left-hand track.

> Maximum authorized speed thru the turnout ? 50 MPH, laterreduced to 35 MPH

> (after a well-known VP and Gen'l Manager's cocktail overturnedas his

> business car

> threaded through the interlocking so the story goes).

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