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Fri Aug 16 10:32:26 EDT 2013

For those who have access to the Mainline Modeler Mag. articles,
the portion of the map found in the July edition is not to scale for the
N&W yard. I suspect that since this map was slanted to the C&O passenger
facilities, the N&W yard portion of the map had to be limited to that
shown. The yard is much longer to the north than shown with 2nd. St.
crossing the yard ladder at grade. The ladder coming off of the siding
went to tracks 1-4, shop, coal wharf and team tracks. The switch to
tracks for the freight station, 5&6, was on south in #4 track to where
the map shows. Also not shown are the crossover switches at the south
end of the yard going from the main line to #1, #1 to #2 and #2 to #3.

Jimmy Lisle

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