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Jimmy is correct. PRR signal aspects are similar in appearance to some N&W
aspects, but that is where the similarity ends. The N&W had different rules
for their aspects and how they apply.

Older N&W rules had two horizontal yellows over a single marker. That was
replaced later with a single horizontal over a marker light with the letter
"S" attached to the interlocking number board on the signal. That is just
one example of MANY differences.

It gets complicated, and it would take a great deal of time to explain some
of the signal subjects that have been brought up lately. That's why I
haven't chimed in on them.

Maybe I should write a book...

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> "for the N&W Position light, just use the Pennsy version, as you know

> Pennsy had stock in the N&W.



> "


> Whoa there Lynn. The PRR signals are very different than the N&W signals

> of similar style.


> Jimmy Lisle

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