Y6b builders plate info.

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I believe that the plates were made up by Dr. Blackstock many years ago. I had begged him to mark them in a raised pad on the back as a reproduction. He did not think that it would be a problem at the time, but it has caused some real problems with potential N&W builder's plate collectors. The reproduction plates have turned up all over the place and people have purchased them because they thought they were originals. It is too bad that they were ever produced. I do not know who has the pattern drawings or the original patterns, but they were out there at one time!!

Ronald J. Muldowney

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I just joined this message board today. Does anyone here happen to know who the individual is that has pattern drawings used to make the reproduction builders plates many years ago. I'd like to have a reproduction builders plate made for myself of the one for Y6b #2190. It would be a real help if I could find and contact the individual that has the drawings for the Y6b plate. Any info would be appreciated. I'll need dates and builders no# for the 2190 if anyone has those also.

Thanks for any help,



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