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First let me clear up a myth that was perpetrated on and by me.
After asking the right questions of the right people, I have found out
that what was told to me to be the "Diner" track was not the diner track
at all. The dining car was not stored there. It is more likely to be a
sort of team track. Further more, my sources, who were hired in the mid
fifties, do not even remember that track being there. So, I would guess
that it was taken out sometime in the late forties to early fifties
(depending on the year of those autos in the background). The Diner was
cut off and kept on the south end of the passing siding at Waynesboro yard.
Now, for the tracks to the right that you are asking about. The
location is the south end of Waynesboro Yard (the area where the station
is located used to be called Basic). The C&O and N&W interchanged cars
here along with doing local work at surrounding industries. In the
picture you are looking south toward the C&O. The track closest to the
main line is Waynesboro Yard track #1, then 2 and so on. They are
curving around toward the C&O end of the yard where they will converge
and connect with the C&O siding. You can see where the N&W main line,
the C&O main line (crossing the bridge in the distance) and the yard
tracks will form a triangle of land. In this triangle was the turntable,
coal and water. You can see the switch coming off #1 track to the engine

Jimmy Lisle

South end of Waynesboro Yard on the C&O siding looking east.

On 8/12/2013 10:35 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> Jimmie:

> You put a great old photo here showing the diner track in Waynesboro,

> VA. The tracks to the right - were they a connector track with another

> railroad or part of the N&W to another location or was it a yard ? I

> am not acquainted with that area.

> Terry Marshall

> Hagerstown, MD



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