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Its body was still there, but it had seen much better days (see photo).
Jim Cochran


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Jim Cochran wrote:

> Coming out of Richlands headed toward Jewel Ridge, I found CPLs at Gate

> Road (1st picture), Seaboard (2nd picture), and then the remnants of a


> at Lark (rest of the pictures). Then I got myself thoroughly lost and got

> to see a couple of those signs that say "county road maintenance ends".

> Didn't see any more CPLs along this stretch of the Buchanan branch 'til I

> hit Weller. Maybe somebody who is more familiar with the area knows if

> there are any more and how to get to them.

Last I knew, the signals at Jewell (north end of the siding that starts
at LArk) were still CPLs, although they are probably hard to see from
the road in the summertime with the leaves on the trees. But that may
have changed since the last time I was there, since I didn't know that
NS had removed the switch and power derail from the storage track at
Lark until I saw yours photos. Was the dwarf signal coming off that
track gone as well?

The only possible CPL's remaining on the DIsmal Creek branch are at
Wyatt and Whitewood, but I'm not certain about those.

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA
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