N&W P4 Observation in Saudi Arabia

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Check out this photo I found on the web of what sure looks like one of the
two former N&W observation cars. Looks like the rear door and windows were
plated over. Can we get it home?

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Phil Miller

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That is way cool! Now, how do we get 'em back? Can we trade them for a
couple of F-16s?

Ed Svitil
Norfolk & Western Railway


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Subject: N&W P4 Observation in Saudi Arabia
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Last year or so, I posted about the remaining N&W in Saudi Arabia with a
link on Google Earth.

Rechecking that link this year showed the whole entire passenger car fleet
gone from that location! However, someone on RYPN.org very helpfully found
the cars to the southwest of the city of Dammam.

There are two distinct observation cars in this small yard. One of which may
very well be the N&W P4.


Jeff Lisowski

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"

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