Photo of poling car No. 6

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I don't recall ever seeing the car with new cab and coach windows. If
anyone has a photo I would love to see it.


Richard D. Shell

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Thanks Richard. I don't think I ever got a good photo of the pole car,
even though I worked on it many times (some with Buddy St. John).

Richard, did you get a photo of the car after they replaced the FM hood
with a "customized" cab complete with coach windows? They pained it with NS
on the sides, but after a short time someone in the shops painted over the
lettering and the horse (the NS Horse, not the rocking horse, which was not
replaced - the omen!). I have forgotten the reason.

Jeff Sanders

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Thought I would share this since this transfer cab came up. December, 1976.


Richard D. Shell
Troutville, VA


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What crew was it that Buddy St.John worked and had the little
transfer cab with the horse on top? I think they switched the north side
of east End Shops a lot.

Jimmy Lisle

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