Notes on "A Day at the Park Street Yard Office

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That was the East Roanoke Shop crew. They reported at the Yard Office at the extreme east end of the shop area, just west of Furnace Crossing. The pole car was used because of all the "Close Clearance" situations while switching within the shop area. You probably remember that on the pole car was mounted the short end hood of a Virginian Fairbanks-Morse diesel, which provided cover from the elements for the train crew, and also carried tools and air hoses, etc.. There was also a fire barrel on the car to provide heat in the winter. Someone found the remains of a child's rocking horse and mounted it atop the FM hood. Surprisingly, the railroad said nothing about it, nor tried to remove it!
Jeff Sanders 

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    What crew was it that Buddy St.John worked and had the little transfer cab with the horse on top? I think they switched the north side of east End Shops a lot.

Jimmy Lisle
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