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In 1973 the girder bridge No.666 at Old Chapel VA, approximately MP H-43,
was repainted. It was black with NORFOLK & WESTERN spelled out. It was
repainted black without any logo. I was told they were under orders to spend
as little money as necessary. See attached photo of old paint.

Mason Cooper

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Harry -

In the 70s were the bridges pained silver or black ?


Paul Mandelkern

Winter Park, Florida

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Was the Norfolk and Western name painted on the sides ?


>From my recollection, in the 70's N&W began using mass produced

metal Pevler emblems to identify the railroad. In the era of merger-

mania, it was simpler to replace an emblem than to paint the bridge

with the name of the new company.

Incidentally, N&W initially found benefits in greasing bridges because

in blasting the old lead-based paint off, the maintenance people had

to capture every fleck of old paint to satisfy the EPA. Harry Bundy

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