The Arrow Vol. 29 errata

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Sat Jul 20 23:31:38 EDT 2013

On page 36 of the new Arrow, Vol. 29, the caption reads;

/**/N&W Class E-2a 553climbs the 2.62 percent grade approaching 12th
Street Station in Lynchburg.../*

However the picture is of E-3 #503 at the station platform in Durham.

On page 39 col. 2 paragraph 2 states;

/*Each wall is made of three pieces. I had to decide how these pieces
would fit to each other....You can see how I addressed this situation in
Figure 1.*/

No such thing can be seen in Figure 1. I guess somebody left the proper
photo out?

I have to ask, who is doing the proof reading?

Jimmy Lisle

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