N&W/CHW Elkton interchange and surrounding operations

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> Jimmy,


> Thank you for that plethora of information. I'll be most certain to

> keep this in mind now on my next visit through the area as well as in

> my modelling efforts. One last question as I know today there are

> quite a few industries between Shenandoah and Waynesboro now that were

> not there. However has there always been a local that worked just

> between those two points? Was it based out of Shenandoah or Waynesboro?


> -Brandon Kaback

After they abolished the layover locals (#101 & 102), a turnaround
local was put on that was advertised to work between Shenandoah and
Greenville, Va. This run was known as "The Greenville Turn". At this
time period, the "Waynesboro Switcher" took care of industries around
Waynesboro proper. The Greenville Turn worked everything else.
The G/T would worked:
Elkton ;
Including the Dean Lumber spur whose switch was south of the CW
connection switch and went back north under the Rt.33 overpass taking a
very sharp curve east along the creek parallel to Rt.33 a short straight
until an esse curve over the creek to Dean Lumber. There was also a
short spur back there before the esse curve.

Stonewall (Merck & Co.) ;
There was quite a lot of work here and could take a long time to work.

Grottoes ;
Reynolds (the plastic cooking bag people) received plastic and small
amounts of coal for their power plant, which by the way, had a beautiful
steam lunch whistle.
Station Siding, a spur on the west side north of the north road crossing
would get a box car sometimes for wooden stave loading. Continuing
across the parallel road was another spot for Monger Coal to unload a
hopper from time to time. This was a very hard place to get out of in
the summer when grasses and weeds had overgrown the tracks!

Setting off & picking up sometimes.

May get some MoW cars set off from time to time, but, otherwise not much
going on.

Stuart's Draft;
Apple Siding, a short spur on the east side south of the passing siding
switch, got tank cars of agricultural chemicals.
Station Siding came straight south off of the passing siding and had a
spur to the west to a grain storage silo.
A mile south of Stuart's Draft was
Nibco on the west side that got copper to make copper plumbing.
Mastic ( A company that has changed hands and names more times than I
can remember. Now known as Alcoa...I think.) got CH's of plastic pellets.

Not much happening here. Some lumber loading, but, mostly MoW storage.

All other industries you will see along the line came after the
Greenville Turn was cut off, at which time, pool crews out of Shenadoah
did the work going south.

Jimmy Lisle

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