N&W/CHW Elkton interchange and surrounding operations

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Wed Jul 17 00:21:13 EDT 2013

Hello all a few questions about the interchange if any at all that occurred
at Elkton between the Norfolk and Western and the Chesapeake Western.

1.) I understand it as today cars destined for the what was the former
Chesapeake Western are handled by a local out of Shenandoah. Was this the
case during the Norfolk and Western as well?

2.) On my few visits through the Elkton area I have noticed what seems to
be the remains of a passing siding that extended from around the
interchange through the town itself. Was there indeed a passing siding

3.) Today there are the unit trains (of grain?) that run to Harrisonburg. I
take it that is a more recent invention and not something that was being
done by the N&W. That in mind was that traffic something that came with NS
or were there always cars of grain for interchange?

Thank you for any responses,

-Brandon Kaback
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