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Your list looks complete to me. I was on a Pokey signal construction
gang last year. The only change I can see is that we replaced Thacker
last year at the same time we did Merrimac between Rawl and Sprigg. I
was on the gang that did Thacker and the gang we were paired up with
did Merrimac. But, at times we worked together when we needed to
double up on manpower.

There are still a few here and there between Williamson and Kenova
also, but I can't remember them all exactly. I only worked that end
last summer after the Derecho storm came through and I was up on that
end filling generators for a week.

Folks, get your cameras out. The clock is ticking on all of them...

Ben Blevins

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> Remaining CPLs on the Pocahontas District (from east to west):


> West Yard Pullout

> Bluefield, VA

> Falls Mills

> Flat Top

> Nemours (presumed)

> East End Elkhorn Tunnel

> West End Elkhorn Tunnel

> Maybeury

> Keystone

> Landgraf

> Vivian

> Welch (EB only)

> Hemphill (EB only)

> Farm (WB only)

> Pando (MP 404)

> Marytown

> Claren

> Roderfield (WB only)

> Rogers

> Sandy Huff

> Old Joe

> Wharncliffe

> Lindsey (maybe)

> Devon

> Cedar

> Arrow

> Delorme

> Thacker

> White

> McCarr

> Matewan (WB main 2 only)

> Sprigg


> In Iaeger, the signals at Auville and Kelly at the north end of the yard

> on the Dry Fork are still CPLs.


> No CPLs left on the Gilbert Branch.


> There are two deactivated CPLs on the Mate Creek branch, one at the

> junction

> and the advance signal.


> The advance signal for Sprigg is still there on the Alma branch.


> This is list is to the best of my knowledge. I can not gaurantee that NS

> has not recently replaced some of the above listed CPLs...


> Joe Shaw

> Christiansburg, VA

> http://www.krunk.org/

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