Pullman cars on Southern trains

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That is correct Harry. The Wauhatchie Valley was used by the Southern as a parts car at Hayne Shop for the other Pullman cars. After the Southern joined Amtrak in 1979(?) they donated the Valley and Yadkin River to Roanoke Chapter NRHS. We used a number of parts off the car, stripping it even more than the Southern did. The Yadkin River had been damaged in the Crescent wreck in 1979, and part of the side sheeting of the Wahautchie Valley was removed and reinstalled on the Yadkin's damaged side. So, a part of the car still survives on the Yadkin River.

It was finally determined that nothing more could be salvaged off the car, and it was scrapped by a contractor over about two months in the mid 1980s.

Ken Miller

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> Lightweight sleepers came to The Tennessean in 1949. The one that comes to mind

> was built in 1949 to Plan 4153C --- SOU 2210 - Wauhatchie Valley. It was on the

> last No. 46 leaving Memphis and I suspect it was scrapped in Roanoke. Harry Bundy


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