Pullman cars on Southern trains

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After WWII, the sleeping cars on the Tennessean were Pullman-Standard stainless steel clad lightweight cars with 14 roomettes and 4 double bedrooms, lettered for Southern. Other Southern trains (particularly the Crescent) ran similar cars which had the more common floorplan of 10 roomettes and 6 double bedrooms. These cars may have run on the Pelican and perhaps on the Birmingham Special. I am not aware that either car has been modeled, but Union Station Products offers sides for both cars (to be used with an ECW core kit) Unfortunately, the skirts are wrong for the Southern cars, but can be corrected with a little work.
I know from personal observation that the N&W's Budd built 10 and 6 cars ran on the Pelican (probably alternating with one of the Southern cars) Unfortunately, this car has been modeled only in brass (by Roanoke Rails) and I think NKP car offered brass sides for it at one time. (both are long out of production) I have kitbashed it from the Walthers car by removing the corrugations from the sides and making new skirts.
Earlier, the Tennessean used a heavyweight 10 section 3 double bedroom Pullman (painted aluminum to match the lightweight cars). Unfortunately, nobody has ever offered a model of this floorplan (although I have recently kitbashed it from Rivarossi parts).
The Pelican and Birmingham Special probably ran some heavyweight Pullmans as well, but offhand I am not sure what the configurations were. Possibly, one was a 10 section lounge, which also has never been offered as a model.
Jim Nichols

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Would any of you have any information on the Pullman sleeping cars used on the Southern passenger trains the Birmingham Special, the Pelican and the Tennessean? Also is there any corresponding models for these cars?
Lois J.Ponton
N&W steam historian
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