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According to the March 65 Official Register, they are 8 section/2 compartment/2 bedroom and 10 roomette/3 bedroom/2 compartment. The 8-2-2 cars have Indian names starting with the letter T and the 10-3-2 cars are in the "Blue" series.
Jim Nichols

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The 24-8 Slumbercoaches were assigned Pullman floor plan number 9540. 
I found references to 8-2-2 and 10-3-2 cars but no floor plan numbers. 
Hopefully others will be more lucky.  It appears they were very rare floor
plans, operated by the Santa Fe for sure but no mention of anyone else having

Dave Phelps

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Not an 'N&W" question; but maybe someone on the list can answer.  I've

>been tabulating the many

>floor plans of Pullman Sleeping Cars (didn't

know there were so many). 

>We have a 12 - 1 on display

>at the St.

Louis Museum of Transportation. So I know that 12- 1 means

>12 section, 1

drawing room.


>I have searched on line and found some of the

others.  The ones I need

>help with are these:


>8 - 2 - 2


- 3 - 2

>24 - 8   (Budd Slumbercoach)


>By the way, the

N&W Y-6 is in good shape; partly under cover, and

>situated close to UP

'Big Boy'

>and a SF Texas type.  Those three are the 'giants' of the








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