Pullman Floor Plans

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Thu Jul 4 16:57:39 EDT 2013

Not an 'N&W" question; but maybe someone on the list can answer. I've
been tabulating the many
floor plans of Pullman Sleeping Cars (didn't know there were so many).
We have a 12 - 1 on display
at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation. So I know that 12- 1 means
12 section, 1 drawing room.

I have searched on line and found some of the others. The ones I need
help with are these:

8 - 2 - 2
10 - 3 - 2
24 - 8 (Budd Slumbercoach)

By the way, the N&W Y-6 is in good shape; partly under cover, and
situated close to UP 'Big Boy'
and a SF Texas type. Those three are the 'giants' of the collection.

Jerome Crosson

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