"AGA Flash Signals" on N&W in 1917 ?

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The December 1917 issue of Railway Signal Engineer (pp. 22-23) carries a double page ad for something called the "AGA Flash Signal" manufactured by the A.G.A. Railway Light & Signal Company of Elizabeth, NJ.

The advertisement states that AGA Flash Signals were in service on the N&W, B&M, MP, C&O, A&WP "and other roads."

The ad carries only an artist's illustration of a train and one small cut showing upper quadrant semaphores in service (somewhere) at the end of a passing siding. The only descriptive text states that the signal is illuminated by acetylene and "Flashes can be adjusted to one, two or three second intervals." The text indicates that the "AGA Flash Signal... is easily attached to existing signals - made to fit standard semaphore lamps...." The ad concludes by claiming that "The universal use of A.G.A. Flashlights by the U.S. government for light-house service is a tribute to its absolute reliability and unquestioned efficiency." :)

So the question is - Has anyone ever run across mention of these things in the N&W literature? Too bad the N&W Mag wasn't in existence at this time, or some little tidbit of information may have been recorded concerning them.

-- abram burnett

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