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Since I successfully completed the survey on line, and had no issue with
any of the questions, I admit to being puzzled with Mr. Chamberlayne's
problem. Just for clarification, what question gave you pause? I do see that
the *Are you a current member of the Norfolk & Western Historical Society?
does have
a red "*" by it, so I would assume this is the problem question. I
confess to an inability to see why answering it in an anonymous survey would be

Dave Phelps

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I tried to read the survey on the website but was not allowed to do so
because of a stupid mandatory answer requirement that prevented me from moving
beyond page one. Good design!

I guess I will wait to see the print version.

C. Chamberlayne

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What are Your Interests in the N&W Historical Society?

Any successful organization must meet the needs of its customers. A
volunteer organization such as the NWHS, in order to attract and grow its
membership (especially for a railroad that ceased to exist over 30 years ago),
must ask itself if it is meeting the needs of its membership. A second part of
that question is what do we need to do to attract more members.
Recognizing that we are a diverse group that includes former N&W employees, N&W
railfans, current railroad employees, people interested in railroad history,
people who grew up along the railroad right-of-way and many other people
with different interests, a first step in this process is asking our members, “
What are you interested in?” Another way to think of this question is to
ask, “Why do you belong to the NWHS?” Perhaps it is something as simple as
you like the 10 percent member discount from the commissary, or maybe it as
complex as learning how the N&W treated water for its steam locomotives.
Whatever it is, take the time to tell us.
In order to stimulate your thinking, we are launching a survey with the
print version of TAF. The Board of Directors asks that you fill out the
survey and return it to the NWHS. You can also go online to and fill out the survey electronically. You will also find a link to
the survey at Please submit your survey by October 31,
We have designed the survey to cover a broad array of interests, and we
have left space for you to fill in your own ideas in case we did not think of
them. You will notice that we are trying to find specific information in
some questions, but it is information you can provide by checking a box.
We intend to use the survey to assess how we are meeting the needs of our
members and to identify areas where we need to do more. We can only do this
if you provide your input.
We will share the survey results with you. We will tell you what the
survey told us and what we are doing to respond to the survey results.
NWHS Officers and Board of Directors
You can take the survey electronically and read the July-August-September
eTAF by going to the NWHS homepage at _www.nwhs.org_ (
. Don’t you want to be the first one to fill out the survey?
Alex Schust

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