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Ray, Mike, and all of you.

First, let me be clear: I and the BOD absolutely appreciate your interest,
and are recording all the suggestions.

Second; a lot of us would be happy to go back to Williamson again. It was
a ball.
Second and a half; not to belabor the obvious, but for a lot of reasons we
can never count on getting onto the railroad property. Facility--railroad
and industrial--tours has always been problematic, especially since 9/11.
We try. We really do. But--this just in--our prototype is going away [I'm
in four railroad historical societies; every one of them is having this

Third; with very few exceptions, we are dependent on local
host(s)/convention chairs. The Board's Convention Committee can provide
requirements, budget guidelines, "gotta haves", and help with most things;
our experience has generally been that we need a local person/group to make
arrangements, and inspect, the accomodations and the buses.

Fourth; within the limitations above, we try to rotate around the system.
In reverse order, the last several conventions have been: Mullens,
Lynchburg, Norfolk, Front Royal, Roanoke, Marion, Bluefield. So we've
tried. But our experience (again, not just NWHS's)has been that the
further away we get from Roanoke the less the attendance. Our founder
lives in Nebraska and has been trying to get us to have a convention in
Council Bluffs, but that's kind of a non-starter.

So, again; we are looking at our convention format, and we are listening to
all the suggestions. Obviously we can't please everybody and can't be
convenient to our members every year. But please keep the suggestions
coming. For that and for questions, and for offers to serve on the
Convention Committee, and for offers to host a convention, please feel free
to contact me.

Frank Bongiovanni [who was just drafted to chair the Board's Convention
Committee]. bongiovanni at

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> **

> Got my VOTE!!!!! I am modeling the Pokey! I would love to be able to let

> my camera rip inside the roundhouse, Lubritorium and all the other

> buildings on the property!

> Ray Russell Sr.





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> How about Williamson? We had to miss the 2005 convention (I think it

> was there) because of some silly reason like moving from one house to

> another...

> Thanks,

> Mike Shockley

> N&W Guyandotte Division



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